Library Card Policies

Library Card Policies

Borrower's Agreement

Santa Fe Springs City Library cardholders may borrow circulating materials, including books, videos, DVDs, CDs, and magazines.

When the Santa Fe Springs City Library issues a library card to an individual, the card should be used only by the person to whom it has been issued. The card must be presented by the cardholder to access his or her record. The individual to whom the card is issued is responsible for the following:

  • The return, in good condition, of all materials borrowed
  • Payment of fines incurred for any overdue, damaged or lost materials
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card immediately
  • All charges on the card until it is reported lost or stolen
  • Reporting any changes in name, address, e-mail address or phone number
  • All charges on the card as the result of lending the card or library materials to another individual
  • Parents or guardians of a library cardholder agree to be responsible for the above and to teach their child Library rules and guidelines to help in the use of his or her card


Use and Replacement of Cards

  • Please bring your card on each library visit.
  • Report lost or stolen library cards immediately.
  • Picture identification is necessary to replace a lost or stolen library card. Parents/legal guardians provide picture identification to replace the card of minors under 18.
  • Cost to replace your library card is $1 each for the first three cards; $5 for each subsequent card.
  • It is your responsibility to let us know when you have changed your mailing address, telephone number or e-mail address so we may contact you regarding information about your library account.
  • Our Library will not give information about your library account to anyone but you. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • You can check your library card online by logging in to My Account.

Audiovisual Return Policy

When borrowing and returning an audiovisual item:

  • Make sure all books, discs or cassettes are included before checking out or returning an item.
  • The Santa Fe Springs City Library is not responsible for any damage caused to your equipment by our materials.
  • If an item is missing a piece, we will attempt to contact you. If the item has not been returned after 10 days, you will be charged for the missing piece (or, in some instances) the entire item. No fee adjustments or refunds will be offered after the 10-day period.

Privacy Policy

Your records are strictly confidential. At the Santa Fe Springs City Library, your records remain your business and no one else's.

If you forget your library card, you can check out and retrieve account information with a photo ID for one time only.

Your library card is non-transferable. Please do not give your library card to anyone else -- you are responsible for what is borrowed.

Someone else may pay your fines, but specific information will not be given to them. If someone returns or renews an overdue item for you, he or she may pay the fine, but your account history will not be disclosed.

Your records are available to you but to no one else. You can access your account information by:

  • Use My Account to access your account information
  • Phone our automated phone circulation system at 562-869-5723
  • Call the Library at 562-868-7738

We are not only committed to ensuring your privacy, but to providing you with the best in customer service. If you have any questions concerning the privacy of your records, please contact us.

Internet Use Policy

First-time Internet workstation users must read the library's Internet Use Policy. Children under 18 years of age must have their parents' signature on this form. To use an Internet workstation, a valid library card must be presented to the librarian on duty. There is no charge to use these workstations. There is a charge to print from these workstations. Workstations are booked for up to an hour.

  • Workstations cannot be reserved in advance.
  • Accessing newsgroups or chat rooms is prohibited.
  • Users are unable to leave the Web to access e-mail accounts.
  • Downloading of software is not allowed.

By offering Internet use to the public, the Library hopes to provide greater access to the ever-expanding world of knowledge around us. We welcome your inquiries into this service and any others that we offer. If you have any questions or comments, please see the librarian on duty at the Information Desk.